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Traditionally, marriage rings will be worn over the fourth ring finger of the left hand, but there are other cultures that have completely different ideas about this practice. In some careful Jewish ceremonies, for example , the ring is usually put on the thumb rather than the finger. The marriage wedding ring is usually a representational gesture of marriage.

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The practice of putting on an engagement ring on the fourth finger with the left hand goes back to ancient occasions. In Roman times, it was believed that the line of thinking of love (or Vena Amoris) ran through the finger to the heart. It had been also thought that all the kept ring finger was coupled to the heart directly. This vein was also thought to hold the gemstone.

Nowadays, the traditions of putting on the engagement ring on the right hands has become well-liked in the west. Actually some same-sex couples choose to don the gemstone on the right hand. However , a large number of western countries still designate the fourth little finger belonging to the left hand as the gemstone finger.

In Brazil, a couple may possibly switch the diamond ring hand following your ceremony. In other cultures, european dating such as Italy and Colombia, the hoop is donned on the right hand. In the United States, however , the ring is usually worn over the fourth little finger of the left hand.

In some cultures, the wedding ceremony band is certainly worn at the bottom of the ring finger. In other nationalities, the wedding wedding band is merged with the gemstone to form a wedding band.

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