Saqib Siddiqui

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My name is Saqib Siddiqui 22 years in Canada. Aside from in-depth Ecommerce experience, I have 22 years Canadian & 7 years of Back home marketing expertise backing my power driven ambition to help unsuccessful Amazon / Ecom businesses. I started my journey in Ecommerce back in 1999, some 22 years ago with Amazon, Ebay, Drop shipping,coupon buying (Daily Deal sites, Groupon,Living Social etc) & other marketplaces.This gave me a taste of massive volume sales, hundreds of thousands of items in a limited time even 10,000-15,000 items per day. Travelling to the USA, mainland China, Hong Kong, along with my homeland, etc gave me firsthand experience to create smart strategies for Amazon and Ecom businesses that were suffering globally; With decades of experience at every level, my expertise pushed me into this new much needed specialization- I evaluate and devise strategies to revive unsuccessful Amazon / ECom businesses converting into profit. I use new strategies devised in response to the ever-changing Amazon policies, demographics and trends. You have to choose the strategy according to client, product and business situation. Anyhow, thanks for your time – Let’s grow together!